Friday, September 29, 2006

And now... it might be the end....

It has been for more than one year that I've been leaving in this beatiful, dynamic and peaceful coutry: Estonia.

At first, as I bloged, as an Erasmus student sharing my time, emotions and trip with a bunch of great people from Europe and US.

But now my main concern about leaving this country after height months in this amazing company named Skype. I can say that a kind of revolution has already started but what I've lived within this company and who I met will change for good my personnality in a good and positive way.

To be continued....

Sunday, August 20, 2006

One month remaining....

No way, are you kidding me ?

How could it be ? It is like I arrived in Estonia few months ago but this week I will celebrate my first and last whole year in this wonderful Baltic State.

If I want to sum up what happened during this year :
- from September 05 to January 06, I ended my student life, passed my master degree and met great people from all over the world.
- from February 06 and August 06, I had to do my last intership and here is the beginning of the Skype story.

The internship within Skype Estonia is a technical multi-tasks role. I’ve worked for the last six month in the Developer Support team and I’m the first employee in that team. This parameter was a great motivation for me and it enabled a good interaction in the definition of the service and the support process workflows.

The Skype Developer Support Organization must:
• give developers the tools they need to help themselves: technical documentation, issue tracking system, knowledge base, etc;
• strengthen the developer community by encouraging developers to help each other and rewarding them for doing so;
• make premium services available to developers who really need dedicated effort of Skype's own personnel;
• minimize the support workload on our internal developers.


• tracking and resolving the support requests filed by developer community members;
• keeping the status of support requests constantly up to date so that they could be handed over to other Developer Support Technicians (DST) or escalated;
• strictly following the response targets promised to the premium support users, and escalating the cases as necessary;
• formulating internal development requests (bug reports and feature requests) if necessary for resolving the incoming request, and providing the external developers with fix-time estimates;
• reporting documentation-related issues to the Technical Author;
• tracking the externally-generated bug reports and feature requests as time permits, and reporting verified and confirmed bugs to the internal bug tracking system.

Now this role is going to end within a month and I'm giving a hand to hire the new DST person with wolli before moving out to London... Stay tuned the story has just started...

Thanks again my sweet Estonia, you were such a nice person to meet and above all you had taken care of me. Musi (love)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This could have been done during our Erasmus semester

Yesterday, I said that I won't describe and explain what we did during our Erasmus semester in Estonia.

This short movie reminds us (nostalgy...) how crazy and warm was the spirit during that period !

Have fun and Enjoy !

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What happen to you, Antoine ?

At first, things happen that I had the opportunity to finalize my engineer course within one of our school in partnership. My choice was to apply for the Technical University of Tallinn in Estonia as an Erasmus student in the IT Faculty.

has a high and famous level of Internet technology (WiFi, e-governance, e-learning...) and I had been invited once by Estonian student IT council during a summercamp two years ago.

I could talk year and year about my Erasmus life but now I should thank my Estonian friends, who introduced Skype to me and showed me the way to apply.

First of all

Finally, time for me to edit and post in my own blog. This idea was raised into my mind due to the amazing life I'm archieving day after day.

This post is the first and MUST not be the last. Once more I will be devided in two ... do I publish in French or in English and why not in Estonian ;-)

Stay tuned. The story starts like that... once upon the time, a frenchy decided to travel and to study in... Estonia.